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Language Lab

Language teachers across the globe regard themselves as educators and specialists in the teaching of verbal skills. The shifting emphasis in language teaching in the last decades, from the study of language as a discipline in itself and as an entry into the literature of another people towards a practical skill in performance, has brought many changes in method and materials. It has stimulated an interest into the nature of language learning and emphasized the need for a much clearer picture of the component skill in linguistic performance.

Though, the students at St. Joseph’s evening College are exposed to English and the grammatical patterns at the primary and secondary level of school educations, the performance of the students at the UG level is very low. They are unable to express even simple ideas in their own sentences. Though the teaching community adopts various strategies to make teaching Grammar effective, it is not very pragmatic. Advance technology has paved way for the Language Laboratory which has opened the door for innovative methods of teaching grammar. The Language Laboratory has not been used much in teaching grammar and pronunciation. This Language lab is expected to reveal the effectiveness of the Language Laboratory for Teaching Tenses, Pronunciation and various linguistic features. It is also expected that the study will result in the diagnosis of the learning problems in tenses which confront the college students. From the insights drawn from the findings of this investigation, the practicing teachers of English will be able to decide upon using the Language Laboratory for teaching grammar in English and take up suitable remedial measures to remove the errors committed by the students in grammar and pronunciation.

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