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Graduate Attributes

Graduate Attributes of SJEC
Over the past fifty years SJEC has been catering to the most marginalised communities of students and converting them into highly competent and humane persons and professionals who excel in a plethora of fields. The National Education Policy of 2020 also demands that quality Education is a basic necessity to achieve full human potential, develop an equitable and just society along with promoting national development.

The UN Sustainable Development Goals of 2015 are a blueprint to achieve a better life standard for all human beings living on this planet. UNSDG 4 is designed at Education and UNSDG 4.4 is specifically designed on achieving High Education goals. It requires education to empower people with knowledge, skills and values.

Achieving these local, national and universal goals are a collective responsibility of the governments and civil society, in this quest we at SJEC are committed to develop our graduates into men and women for others.

1. Proficiency in Domain Knowledge with inter-disciplinary approach
Our graduates will be able to exhibit multiple perspectives for a single subject as the programmes at SJEC are designed from an inter-disciplinary perspective. Our students will showcase their proficiency in domain knowledge with interdisciplinary approach as they are part of three subjects as majors and the syllabus is designed from an inter-disciplinary perspective enabling students to think out of the box and challenge the preconceived notions by exploring ideas and concepts in more than one way.

2. Problem solving and Decision Making
One of the aims of our education module is to enable our students to solve problems and make decisions as it is an important prerequisite in any field, be it education, industry or government. Our graduates undergo the process through which they would have at least understood the minimal four phases of problem solving and decision making including 1. An Input phase where the problem is understood 2. A processing phase in which alternatives are generated and a solution is selected 3. An output phase includes planning and implementation 4. A review phase by which the solution is implemented, evaluated and modified accordingly.

3. Critical Thinking and Research
Aligning with the Vision and Mission of the college, SJEC makes a student to think rationally, reasonably and empathically. Our students are oriented towards critical thinking towards the development of the country, society and their place of work. Our graduates are also expected to employ these skills in research if they continue their higher education or at their work places

4. Creativity and Innovation
Our graduates are higher order thinkers who are enabled to apply their imagination into generating ideas into experimenting with alternatives, undergo a process of questioning the generated ideas and alternatives to come out with creative and innovative solutions. SJEC graduates display a fine balance between learning, understanding and questioning the content being investigated.

5. Digital competency/ICT literacy
Graduates of SJEC are trained in the practical use of technologies and systems in a fast-developing digital world. They possess the required skills, knowledge and attitudes to enable confident and creative use of ICT technologies to make them competent professionals who would be able to identify, locate, retrieve, store and digital information as well as critically judge the relevance and purpose of the available information.

6. Sustainability (SEE)
The basic aim of holistic education at SJEC is to make our graduates self-sustaining with a concern for People, Planet and Profit. Our green initiatives in the campus are a natural organic way of teaching students to live in harmony with nature. The Bembala outreach programme has taken plenty of initiatives in making our graduates partners and responsible eco-friendly citizens. Every graduate exiting the portals of SJEC is expected to pass a course in Environmental Science. Our Graduates would maximise the economic benefits by being responsible consumers without damaging the ecology and maximise their contributions towards the development of sustainability.

7. Individual and Team Player
Our graduates are trained to possess important inter-personal skills which enable them to be better individuals equipped with leadership qualities and highly motivated personalities. They are ready to take up any given task or responsibilities and fulfil their commitments. As team players, they are flexible, willing to listen to others, set a good example, motivate others, focussed towards their goals and optimistic towards creating a better future.

8. Global Citizen
At SJEC our graduates who are part of an International Jesuit Education Network, clearly understand the global political, social, economic and environmental order. They would have the highest respect for humanity and the rule of law. They understand that along with being good citizens of India, we are also part of a world order which demands peaceful coexistence, with fellow human beings and nature along with creating a clean and green environment.

9. Catalyst of Social Change / Ethical conduct and Social Responsiveness
One of the goals of SJEC is to make our graduates into transformational leaders who have the highest respects for the rights of women, children, the differently abled and marginalised. The experiences they gain at SJEC as part of the outreach programme and IGNITORS converts them into empathetic human beings who would understand that we are living in an unjust society, they would analyse and bring about social changes. They would work towards eliminating poverty, gender biases, economic disparities and injustices prevalent in our society as part of their social responsibility.

10. Collaboration
Graduates of SJEC are known to collaborate with others as equals to accomplish any given tasks. They would cooperate with other members by actively engaging and contributing ideas, opinions and share knowledge. As graduates they would be equipped to collaborate with the government agencies, NGOs, civil society and any other authorities.

11. Communication
SJEC graduates would exhibit excellent communication skills which are imparted during their student days. They would excel in oral and written skills as well as showcase a high degree of correct body language, clear eye contact, courteous active listening, use of technology, make coherent presentations and complete assignments as well as provide concrete suggestions.

12. Lifelong learning
Our graduates are ingrained to be lifelong learners who have a passion to update knowledge in pursuit of Personal and Professional Development on a daily basis to remain competitive in a fast-changing world. They would continue to equip themselves by attending various courses, seek opportunities to grow personally and professionally, would indulge in different passions, make progress in diverse fields of activities embracing the rapid changes. They are believers who think it is never too late to start something afresh leaving their comfort zones and taking up new challenges.

A Josephite would be a person who would set her or his own benchmark and try to improvise upon them.

Classification of Graduate Attributes as mentioned above
GA 1 – Knowledge Domain
GA 2 - Skill
GA 3 – Skill
GA 4 – Skill
GA 5 – Skill
GA 6 - Attitude
GA 7 – Attitude
GA 8 – Attitude
GA 9 - Attitude
GA 10 - Attitude
GA 11 - Attitude
GA 12 - Attitude

The Whole process of Defining the Graduate Attributes of SJEC was undertaken after a series of workshops and continuous consultations with the Teachers, Students, Parents, Alumni, Industry experts and the Management of SJEC

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