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History, Economics, Political Science (HEP)
The History, Economics and Political Science (HEP) course is designed specifically to suit the needs of students who wish to appear for competitive examinations such as the UPSC tests. It also has scope for those aspiring to join academics and research, or those looking for careers in the Civil Services.

The objective of the Department of History in designing a curriculum for this course is to enhance the general awareness of the student about the growth and development of the country and the world. The subject includes eight papers to be studied over six semesters. Papers such as History and Culture of India provide an in depth understanding of the social, political and cultural evolution and growth of the country over the centuries. The course also includes papers on the history of China and Japan, West Asian and the modern world. Such papers expose the student to contemporary international issues. A paper on tourism management helps students who wish to pursue a career in this growing field.

The Department of Economics strives to provide students with foundational knowledge on the principles and practices that drive contemporary economies. The course includes papers on micro and macro economics that expose students to basic concepts in the field of economics. Other papers focus on specialised aspects of the subject. The paper International Economies helps students understand and analyse the economic interdependence of countries in a global economy. Development Economics helps students recognise and evaluate the various challenges and policies that drive a country’s economic development. Papers including Indian Economic Issues and Indian Banking System help familiarise students with the structure, organisation and functioning of the Indian financial system. A paper titled Entrepreneurial Development is designed to nurture the spirit of entrepreneurship and business in the student.

Political science
The Department of Political Science combines classroom teaching with various exercises that expose students to the political systems of India and other countries. The curriculum is designed to foster an understanding of the legislative, executive and judicial processes of various countries. It also nurtures an interest in current affairs. Through the course, students gain knowledge of political theory, and of the real world applications of political principles in an increasingly globalised world. It also highlights the interdependence between nations, and the need for diplomacy that is driven by integrity and humanistic principles. The course particularly helps students training for careers in the Civil Services by not only providing knowledge on the Indian political system, but also by kindling their political consciousness and awareness of current political and social challenges.

Documents Required for Admission
1. SSLC or 10th Standard, or its equivalent, marks card (Original).
2. PUC or 10+2 marks card (Original).
3. Transfer Certificate (Original).
4. Migration certificate for the students coming from outside Karnataka and CBSE/ICSE students (Original).
5. 6 Passport size and 2 stamp size colour photographs.
6. Photocopies of caste certificate and income certificate if the student falls under the SC/ST category. The student must be able to produce originals of the same upon request.

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