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Choice Based Credit System

A key objective of St. Joseph’s Evening College (Autonomous) is character formation. This involves imparting knowledge and developing the skills and talents of students through unique and effective co-curricular and extra-curricular courses.

The Choice Based Credit System (CBCS) is a set of co-curricular courses that aims at developing specific skills of students. In accordance with the mandates of the UGC and Bangalore University, these courses have been designed to expose students to skills and knowledge that will improve their employability, and allow them to serve others more fully.

Subjects of Study:

Subjects included in the Choice Based Credit System include the following.

Part 1: Languages;
Apart from English, students are encouraged to study two other languages. Students can choose to study Kannada, Hindi or Tamil. Students typically study the language they studies in their PUC. The college also offers Additional English as a choice for those who did not study Kannada, Hindi or Tamil in PUC.

Students are also encouraged to learn a foreign language as part of their CBCS curriculum. The college offers French as a foreign language.

Part 2: Optional/Core Subjects;
Each department offers subjects as prescribed by the University and passed by the Board of Studies of the respective department. Students can choose to study any of subjects offered by the department.

Part 3;
Part three comprises two parts.

A- Foundation and Skill Development Courses (common to all courses):
Foundation and skill development courses are offered in two parts. In the first and second semesters, a set of compulsory foundational courses are offered to students. They are Constitution of India and Human Rights, Environment and Public Health, and Computer Applications and Information Technology. In the third, fourth, fifth and sixth semesters, students are offered a variety of courses from various departments. They are encouraged to choose courses that are interdisciplinary, and that will expose them to concepts and skills that they may not learn through their core subjects.

B - Extension, Co-Curricular and Extra-curricular activities:
Students are encouraged to participate in various co-curricular and extra-curricular activities ranging from music and dance to sport. Students can opt for any of the co-curricular activities offered by the college. Credits are granted based on internal evaluation in consultation with the COE and the Heads of Departments.

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