Social Action

Social Concern being one of the objectives of the college, the students are engaged in such activities that develop concern for the society and motivate them to take up the responsibility of building a better society. Some of the activities related to social actions include:

OUT-REACH PROGRAMME: The outreach programme is designed to engage the students in the real-life situations of the poor people. As part of the programme, students are taken to various orphanages, old age homes, home for the differently abled, cancer hospitals, villages, etc. to give them an experience and to make them understand the realities of life that the poor, oppressed and marginalized people go through.

RURAL EXPOSURE: The Annual Rural Exposure Programme is organized for the final year students to make them understand the ground realities of the people living in the rural areas. As part of this exposure, students are taken to different villages, where they engage themselves in mapping the village and analyzing it, creating awareness on cleanliness, education, human rights, etc. and they also work along with the villagers and experience the difficulties that they go through. At the end of the exposure programme, the students are expected to submit a report.

PROTESTS AND RALLIES: Our students have been actively participating in various protests and rallies in the city and rendering their support to fight against social injustices that are happening in the society in our day to day life. Some of the protests and rallies attended by our students include, protest against the ISIS attacks, protest against the increasing gang rapes in the country, protest against child labour, rallies organized by various NGOs to uphold the rights of women, children and transgender community, etc.

OBSERVATION OF SPECIAL DAYS: The students observe various special days such as world environment day, World Nature protection day, International day of Yoga, World Human Rights day, World AIDS day, World Ozone day, World day against drug abuse, Women’s day, Teachers’ day, etc. The special days are observed by screening videos, presenting mimes, organizing competitions like Collage, painting, debates, etc., related to those special days.

AICUF ACTIVITIES: The All India Catholic University Federation (AICUF) with its vision “to create a new and just society” tries to bring awareness about various social problems among the students in particular and the society at large. These programmes motivate the students to fight against the social evils in the society. Some of the activities of AICUF include organizing and participation in protests and rallies, visits to old age homes, traffic awareness programme, village exposure programmes, presenting mimes, skit, street-plays, etc. on various social issues, participation in state level activities of AICUF, etc.