Rural Exposure Camp - Sindagi

Venue: Sindagi Taluk, Bijapur.
Date: 24-28 May, 2018

The AICUF Rural Exposure Camp took place in Sindagi Taluk, Bijapur.
Date: 24-28 May, 2018.

46 students from different units took part in this camp. We all had an awesome and fruitful experience in understanding the rural culture and also the hardships faced by people working in the fields under the hot burning sun. AICUFers gained experience in various fields.
First of all, we had a short message given by Professor Prashanth Kumar and Professor Ebenezer K about various things like the do’s and don’ts to be followed throughout the camp. We started our journey in the evening in the college bus from St Joseph’s College, Shantinagar and reached our destination at 7:30 am the next day. We stayed in Loyola school, Sindagi.

Day 1: The camp began with an inauguration led by Fr. Rohan and other co-ordinators, after which we had a quick ice breaker session by Professor Prashanth to make sure we all know each other well and mingled throughout the camp. Later, there was forming of groups and some team building games were conducted by Professor Ebinezer Sam. After lunch, since it was very hot, we had a break till 4:30 pm and then had a session on AICUF in the form of a quiz by Professor Prashanth. We had dinner at 9:00 pm and went to sleep.

Day 2: The day started with shramadhan where we were asked to pick the big stones in the field and fill it in the tractor to help build the compound wall around the school. Later, we went back to the school and had a session by Ms. Sharmila who taught us and made us aware of social issues currently prevailing in our society. She made us think how we can contribute towards the betterment of society. Later, in the evening, we were all given time to practice for the cultural night, and in the evening each group gave a unique performance to make sure they get high points and win as the best team in the camp. Finally, the day ended with an awesome dinner.

Day 3: As it was Sunday, we had our breakfast and prepared everything for Mass. After the Mass we had our lunch and then started practicing for the street play and various other games to be played in the village. Later in the evening, we left for the nearby village. We gathered people, entertained them and made them happy at least for some time and also taught them how they could educate their children and so on. Finally, we left to college and had dinner and went to sleep.

Day 4: As usual the day began with shramadhan. This time, they put us in a different location as to cover the entire area wherever the stones were lying. Later, we had a session by Sr. Anitha as she shared her own experience with us and taught us how we could contribute towards the betterment of society. She was very brave, positive, and also well qualified. Seeing her, we all were inspired by her talk and cleared all our doubts with her. We then had our lunch and got ready to go to a nearby village. Finally, Ivan Joel from our college took the initiative to gather people and entertained children by teaching them action songs and playing games. We then left for the day.

Day 5: This was the last day and we had a quick evaluation with Fr. Rohan and left to visit Gol Gumbaz. We also visited the orphanage to see and make the children happy at least for some time by dancing, playing games, teaching action songs etc. We finally left for Bangalore and reached the next day to St Joseph’s College. The entire camp for all of us was very useful. We learned many things. Many people who took part in the camp for the first time were very positive and shared their experience in a beautiful way. They felt lucky to get this opportunity to learn many things. These experiences would go into our life’s diary and we are pretty sure it will bring a change in our lives.