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SJEC PG students experience rural life

From November 13 to November 16, 2019, an outreach programme (rural exposure camp) was organised for the post-graduate students of all streams at Sindagi, Bijapur. The students, staff and outreach co-ordinator were accomodated at the Loyola School in Sindagi, as part of the outreach programme. The programme activities for the students at Sindagi was planned and executed by organisers at Loyola School, and they included Rev. Fr. Alwyn D’Souza SJ, Manager of Loyola School, Br. Sandeep SJ, and Sr.Anita. The outreach programme began on November 13, 2019 as the students departed Bangalore via train to reach Bijapur and from Bijapur the group travelled via bus to Sindagi village. The students and staff were warmly welcomed by the organisers at Loyola school. The students were first served breakfast and were given some time to freshen up. Later, the students were divided into six different groups and each group was in charge of different activities such as cleaning, cultural programmes, food committee, water committee, etc. The different groups enabled the students to interact and get to know each other. It inculcated team spirit to achieve a desired goal.

In the evening, a village visit was organised where the students had to perform entertainment programmes with a social message for the villagers. The villagers were excited to receive the students and enjoyed the cultural programmes. The students also organised some fun activities for the children there. The villagers got to experience beat boxing, group dance and group singing programmes performed by Josephites. Through this visit the students got an opportunity to understand the culture and lifestyle of the villagers. Akshay Chopda, a first year M.Com student said, “The outreach programme was an enriching experience, teaching us gratitude for what we have, to have compassion for our fellow human beings and be more human.” On the second day the organisers at Loyola School organised a fest called ‘BalaMela’ for around 300 children living in nearby villages of Sindagi. SJEC students took part in the fest by organising different games for children. Students and children danced together and had a good time.

Pavan Kumar. N.P, a student of I MA Journalism and Mass Communication said, “This was my first rural exposure experience. I had a lot of fun along with enriching knowledge. I felt very happy interacting with the villagers and the children. At the same time I learnt many things from them, especially their innocence.” In the evening, students were taken to another village where a small colony had about a 100 shed houses. The task here was for the students to take a survey in the village to know how many young children are going to school from the village. Through this activity students got an opportunity to interact with the villagers and understand their lifestyle. Some of the villagers also shared their problems with a few students because of which students woke up to the harsh realities the villagers were facing. At the end of every day, an evaluation was conducted by Br. Sandeep where in the group discussed their opinions regarding the different activities organised during the day. On the third day, the students woke up early morning to do a couple of cleaning activities before they left to Bangalore. The students cleaned the entire building and did some gardening work. Once the responsibilities were taken care, they freshened up, had breakfast and left for a bit of sight-seeing Bangalore. Some students visited the famous Gol Gumbaz at Bijapur, a historical site before boarding the train.

One of the student co-ordinator, Judeson.C.G.S from I year MA English said, “SJEC Rural Exposure camp was definitely an exposure. A whirlwind of an experience as we delved into the lifestyle of people which was deeply profound and rooted in love, a rare sight indeed.”

Murthy.R.M, Assistant Professor, Department of commerce, one of the faculty members who accompanied the students, spoke exclusively to Springlight. He said, “It was a great experience and everybody had a good time. The student’s response to the programmes were good. From train travel to the camp and activities everything was enjoyable. The outreach co-ordinator was very supportive for overall functioning of outreach program. Students were enriched and enlightened with the programme. It was motivational for students while interacting with the village children.” It was a different and new experience for many students. They understood to value small things and appreciate life better.


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