Rural Exposure Camp - Ranchi


DAY 1: 28.05.2018
The program started with registration at 06.30 pm. This was followed an ice breaking session conducted by the National Convenor, Ms. Monica. Then we all left for the dinner.

Day 2: 29.05.2018
The Holy Mass was celebrated by Fr. Emmanuel at 07:00 am. The inaugural function stared at 09:00 am with a traditional tribal program of Jharkhand. Fr. Emmanuel elaborated on the theme and the need for the discussion. By 11.30 am, Fr. Benjamin talked about unity of adivasis and the importance of their identity. Videos were played about globalization and discussions were organized. By 02:00 pm, Mr. Gladson Dung Dung spoke about advocacy for the marginalized. Then all the members of AICUF were put into groups and we went for a museum visit. After the tea break, we had a group discussion on the visit.

Day 3: 30.05.2018
The session started at 09.30 am. Fr. Ignitious Minj was invited to give a talk about the SC/ST Act and the detailed version of it. This was followed by Fr. Emmanuel discussing current issues in Tamil Nadu. At 11:00 am, Fr. Peter, Advocate, Ranchi High Court, spoke about the importance of Grama Sabha. After lunch, Fr. Vinod gave his speech about the history of the church in Jharkhand. Then all groups were asked to perform a role play of problems faced by the tribals. After the tea break, all were trained in the tradition tribal dance. By 06.30 pm, we had the tribals of Jharkhand performing their tribal dance, and we had dinner together.

Day 4: 31.05.2018
The day started with a group photo session. Fr. Maria Andrew then spoke about the tribal movement and the different types of tribals in India. After the tea break, we had Sr. Jansi talk about attitudinal change for women liberation and we had a group discussion on the topic. After lunch, we had a workshop on media and advocacy. At 06.30 pm, we had a cultural evening. Each State represented their culture and customs. After dinner, the group was asked to gather for the instructions to be made for the exposure program.

Day 5: 01.06.2018
The groups left the camp by 07.30 am to the respective tribal villages for their exposure experience. Each group had a LOC and an amount was given for their travel. Once they reached the village, the parish priest was assigned to give them guidance.

Day 6: 02.06.2018
All the group members returned to the camp by 07.30 pm. Each group was given time to share their experiences. After dinner, there was an evaluation session.

Day 7: 03.06.2018
Sunday Mass was celebrated by Fr. Alho and Fr. Emmanuel. After breakfast, we had Fr. Stan addressing us about the ideology of communism and land bank issues. After a short break, State representatives spoke about their State tribal history and the culture and customs. After the lunch break we had Fr. Savair Muthu talk about the Government’s terms of development. Following this, training on street plays was given. They made a street play on “water conservation” and “women liberation”. All the members were trained and a good response from the public was received. By 07.30 pm, all reached the camp and a short video of the play was displayed. After dinner, we had an evaluation session.

Day 8: 04.06.2018
On the last day of the camp, at 10:00 am, Fr. Emmanuel briefed us on the ideology and history of AICUF. We then had a declaration policy made by each group. After tea, each State had State-evaluation and a State action-plan. At 12:00 pm, we had the valedictory function and distribution of certificates. The camp came to an end with lunch.