Psychology is the systematic and scientific study of human behaviour, its mental processes and environment. Psychology is one of the major subjects offered at the undergraduate level as part of the triple major programme. It is a three-year full time course aimed at introducing students to the fundamental processes underlying human behaviour and familiarize them with a few emerging fields and branches of psychology such as Developmental Psychology, Social Psychology, Abnormal Psychology, Industrial/Organizational Psychology, Health Psychology and Counselling Psychology. More importantly, the course aims to facilitate personal development or growth of students through enrichment activity with peer group and faculty interactions.

The Department envisions the students to acquire knowledge and experience in Psychology

To enlighten our students towards the fundamental processes underlying human behaviour and the process of human development and change, appreciating the different branches in the emerging fields of psychology, and applying right techniques to the challenges in the field of Psychology. The department strives to apply knowledge and skills that will allow the students to engage in the theory and practice of psychology in an energetic learning environment.