Department of Political Science

Political Science
The Dept. of Political Science combines classroom teaching with exercises that provide students with political exposure/ Current affairs Class lectures are supplemented with audio-visual aids, models, demos, project work, group discussion and seminars. Students gain scrupulous knowledge of political theory on one hand, and the application of political principles on the other. This approach equips students to understand the shades of political dynamics. The stress on virtues in Political beliefs and Enunciate techniques of proficiency in management and administration. While Perceiving Regional, National and International Political equations and understanding its impact. The Subject encourage Nurturing Political leaders with a sense of probity, integrity and service ability and stirring Political consciousness and involvement in Political affairs, which will help in preparing students for competitive examinations Civil Service.

Empowering the Youth in the Process of Nation Building

Creating a Just and Egalitarian Society

Emphasize on virtues in political beliefs   Enunciate techniques of proficiency in management and administration.   Perceiving Regional, National and International political equations and understanding its impact. 

Nurturing political leaders with a sense of probity, integrity and service ability.   Stirring political consciousness and involvement in political affairs.   Inspiring / preparing students for competitive examinations/ Civil Service.