Our Mission

We aim to promote the integral growth of the students- physical, emotional, social and intellectual. Stress is laid on academic excellence, character formation and social concern. We strive to develop the whole person with a mission in life. Our mission is to build up a group of young men and women who would be agents of change in society and work towards a secular world of fraternity, equality and justice.

St. Joseph’s Evening College has unique philosophy of education. It believes in the Jesuit ideal of contributing towards a society of equality, liberty and fraternity through an admission policy of preferential option for the poor. The College aims at providing education to young working men and women from the socio-economically marginalized sections of society. It focuses on young people who are motivated yet cannot afford the luxury of a full time education. With a firm focus on its motto “faith and toil”, the College emphasizes development of the total person. Education in College is not only to develop a critical mind but also a concerned heart and right conscience. A graduate of St. Joseph’s Evening College is expected to be a person of a rational mind, secular spirit, strong social values with commitment to cultural diversity and human values.