Literary & Debating Society ( Dept. of English)

The Literary and Debating Society of the Department of English organised a panel discussion on “Nature and Narrative: a Discussion on Eco-criticism and Environmental Justice” on 28th November 2018 at St. Joseph’s Evening College (Autonomous), Bangalore.

The college choir started off with a song. The discussion was inaugurated by Prof. Diwakar Yadav, HOD, Department of English. He later welcomed the moderator and mentor Dr. Cherian Alexander by giving a sapling as a memento. The panelists, Prof. Shilpa and Prof. Padma Kumar were welcomed. The staff coordinators for the discussion were Prof. Jeffin Lijo and Prof. Shilpa.

Prof. Cherian started his discussion with thanks and spoke about a poem written by Rabindranath Tagore which speaks about the human ego. He was detailing about how India is becoming like Western countries by destroying the environment. He spoke about two imperialisms. Prof. Shilpa compared the environment with English literature, how poets described nature and how transcendentalists saw them as a threat. Prof. Padma Kumar, discussed pollution. He stated that about 25% of deaths in India are due to air pollution. He spoke of the need to find alternatives, to reduce damage to the environment, and to think about the future generation.

Prof. Jeffin Lijo concluded the discussion with vote of thanks.
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28th nov 2018