Guest lecture on Human Trafficking

The Department of Sociology conducted a guest lecture on 1st August 2018 on World Human Trafficking Day. The lecture was held in the AV room and was witnessed by all the BA, M.Com and MA students. It was delivered by Mrs. Brinda Adige, a renowned social worker and the director of Vimochana, an NGO which has been working in this field. She brought to light several facts about human trafficking. She informed the students how deep rooted the problem of human trafficking is. The students were informed that the range of human trafficking started from trafficking for commercial work to trafficking for organ and blood-trade. She told the students that the basis of this trade was ancient and that it was almost impossible for an NGO to undertake a rescue of the victim of this trade.

Mrs. Brinda Adige also screened a documentary about the plight of commercial sex workers. The documentary showed how girls as young as 12 or 13 years of age are trapped in the trade and are kept in inhuman and unhygienic conditions, and how they are forced to stay in the trade.