Department of History in St. Joseph’s Evening College truly believes in the saying ‘What memory is to man, History is to Mankind’. If memory goes sanity goes with it’. To save mankind from going insane, learning lessons from history is absolutely essential. The Department of History has designed a curriculum comprising of eight papers for Undergraduate Course. First and Second Semester students study the History and Culture of India which is in fact a strong foundation to the study of history. Subjects like ‘History of China and Japan’, ‘West Asia’, ‘Modern World’ are included to give the students a better understanding of contemporary international issues. This enhances their general awareness. The curriculum is designed keeping in mind the students who aspire to take up competitive examinations. As Tourism is an expanding industry a paper on ‘Study of Tourism’ is included to make the course job oriented.

To inculcate a spirit of critical analysis of the past and new aspiration for the future.

To create worthy, well informed citizens who will be conscious of our cultural heritage.

The Department of History aims at teaching History in order to promote among students a critical outlook of the past and new aspiration for the future. To prepare a curriculum highlighting the cultural legacy of India and create an awareness of the uniqueness of our National Struggle. To make the study of History job oriented by preparing students for a Career in Teaching and for Competitive Examinations.