Health & Hygiene

Health Awareness in Young Adults
St. Joseph’s Evening College (Autonomous) organized a Health Awareness Program for the 1st year students of all combinations in the Loyola Hall at 07:00 pm. Ms. Tara, Assistant Lecturer, Department of Business Administration, took the responsibility of hosting the program. She began with a quote: “Your Health is an Investment, Not an Expense”, and welcomed the resource person of the day Dr. Soumyajith Chetterjee, MBBS, DNB (Family and Medicine) St. Philomena’s Hospital.
Dr. Jeeth spoke to the students on how to maintain good health in the face of the temptations that surround them, how to overcome medical issues, and how to build a healthy future. He started the session by greeting the students and staff. He addressed the issue of food habits of the present generation. He spoke about the dos and don’ts for a healthy life. After this, he gave a short explanation on the following topics:
• Diabetes
• Smoking
• Alcohol consumption
• Sexually transmitted diseases
• Mental health issues
• Hallucination
• Nutrition
• The NIPAH virus
• Fasting

Later he opened the session to questions from the audience.
♦   When a student raised a question regarding facing depression, Dr. Jeeth stated that making healthy conversation and taking the concerned person to a psychologist may make him/her feel good.
♦   When asked if consumption of alcohol daily in small amounts is good for health, he answered that it would vary from person to person.
♦   A student came up with this question: Some students who work and then come to college in the evening would get only 5 hours of sleep daily, face a lot of stress, and find it hard to concentrate in class. Dr. Jeeth shared his personal solution: prepare an Excel Sheet of the work that needs to be done, and program your day accordingly to reduce stress. Ms. Tara thanked Dr. Soumyajith Chetterjee for making the session lively and informative. The session ended with a vote of thanks.

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