Guest lecture on lesson plan

On the 13th of of June 2018. The English Department of SJEC organised a training session on Teaching Practice for the students of M A English. The session was conducted by Dr. Savita Puri.
The main objective of the training was to enhance the teaching methodology of the students of M A and help them hone their skills. Dr. Puri, an expert in Teaching Practice stressed upon the effective teaching methodology along with the insights on taking a class forward in an interesting way using conversational methodology .
Furthermore, the session highlighted the 5E method of lesson plan where the students are to be engaged allowed to explore before explaining their observation. The teacher is required to help the students in elaborating the lessons before evaluating them.
The session emphasised the need for pragmatic teaching methodology and educational tools that would help the students learn better. And also language have were emphasised upon for the students to enjoy learning .