The Department of Economics is constantly working and catering to the requirements of the students. The Department is endeavouring to provide an exhaustive exposure to Principles and Practices of the present day economic world.

The Study of 'Micro and Macro Economics' in the First Three Semesters help the students to understand the basic economic concepts and their application in real life. The Study of 'International Economies' enable the students to understand and analyse economic interdependence among nations. The subject 'Development Economics' helps the students to comprehend various issues and policies of developing economics. 'Entrepreneurial Development Programme' a relevant paper in Fifth Semester helps to inculcate the spirit of Entrepreneurship among students. 'Indian Economic Issues' and 'Indian Banking System' the papers prescribed in sixth Semester enable students to understand important issues and problems of Indian economy and familiarize them with structure, organization and working of the financial system in India. Hence the Department of Economics aims to impart a comprehensive knowledge in different fields.

VISION: “To Form Students for the Economic Development of the Nation”

MISSION: “To foster theoretical knowledge of economics, its critical analysis and practical application”

1. To equip students with the knowledge of economic concepts.
2. To educate students on the practical application of economic theories
3. To promote entrepreneurial culture among the students