Constitution Day Celebration at SJEC

The Department of Political Science, St Joseph’s Evening College (SJEC) celebrated Constitution Day on November 30, 2018. Constitution Day also known as Samvidhan Divas signifies the adoption of the Constitution on November 26, 1949 in India. The chief guests for the day were Mr. Bhaktavachala, senior advocate and President of All India Advocates Association, and Advocate Vinay Srinivasan, member of Alternative Law Forum.

Stressing the need to safeguard the Constitution, the Principal of SJEC, Dr. Albert Smith said, “We as citizens of this nation are witnessing radical changes in the areas of secularism in our state. From the past four years, ministers and political parties are abusing their powers in various ways. We have witnessed mob lynching, and many other unconstitutional practices in our nation. If this persists we may lose our country and our people very soon.”

Echoing the principal’s sentiments, Mr.Bhaktavachala expressed his concern towards the Constitution that has been tarnished in the name of religion, tradition and corruption. “I’m glad to step into my college after a very long time, this is where I learned about Constitution. But, today our system is only present in books and not existing in reality,” He added.

Mr Vinay said shared that when he was studying in college no one emphasized enough on the Constitution. “I learned its value and importance while pursuing my law graduation and understood its need. This encouraged me to take up initiatives for social cause and fight for our rights.” He inspired the students to step into political field and bring about change in society. “The need of the hour is change; not one religion nor one language,” he added.

The guests along with students and teachers took an oath for sovereignty, integrity, diversity and unity in our nation.