Constitution of India and Human Rights

Constitution of every Nation expresses the central values and concerns of the society. It represents the History, ethos, nature and objectives of Nation. Hence as citizens it is imperative for us to understand the basic principles, structure, rights and working of various institutions in our nation. So this course is offered across various streams to be more accustomed to our polity.

Vision: To envisage Constitutional law and Human rights as defender of the oppressed.

Mission: To ensure Constitutional law and Human rights as institutions of justice and change

To create a meaningful understanding of the basic philosophical tenets of Indian Constitution and human rights.
It is to underline the significance of our constitution as Fundamental Law of the land and its features.
To respect human rights, rule of law and democracy

Teaching Methodology
The methodology of teaching will be primarily lectures since most students will be exposed to Constitutional Law concepts for the very first time in their academic careers. However, the lecture method will be substantially corroborated by participative activities such as students being asked to argue cases based on Conflicting points (Moot Court), or students to draft a legal opinion about applicability of some legal provision to a factual situation (Opinion Writing) and discussing articles or theme papers on various doctrines /cases to initiate a critical analysis of the view expressed therein (critical Comment).

The students are expected to reciprocate the class initiatives by completing the assigned tasks in designated time limits. Being ready with library referencing before class discussions for some concepts, will be highly recommended for better understanding of the themes. Such topics will be marked and announced beforehand to allow reasonable time for preparations. Attendance in the class is compulsory. Submissions and assignments will be scheduled as per completion of relevant topics in the due course.