Commerce Forum

Final report for the year 2018-19
The Department of Commerce has its own association: “Commerce Forum”. The forum focuses on certain activities that are skill-based exclusively to train and nurture the B.Com students in idea generation, personality development, commerce brain storming, decision making etc. The Commerce Forum has made it a point this year to educate our fellow Josephites about the world of corporate business and give them a glance of what they would face in the years to come. The Department of Commerce has made this possible through conducting various events which were open for all the B.Com students. We conducted 9 events this year: logo designing, marketing, finance case study analysis, debate, wealth out of waste, best manager, commerce exhibition, treasure hunt, product launch etc. The events were conducted on weekdays as well as on weekends depending on the time required. The teaching staff rendered a great source of help by judging the events and also helped coordinate some major events such as business quiz, case study and product launch. The forum had come up with some new events like Com Gallery and Treasure Hunt which were welcomed with a good number of participants.

The basic objective was to help our students understand and research on the working of the corporate world and to familiarise them with the concepts they would come across in the near future. Another important goal was to help them get involved in productive events which would help them learn life skills in order to support their future. All the events conducted by the forum focuses on the development of an individual and to strengthen his areas of interest in the field of commerce.

Our Josephites have showcased their talents this academic year by actively taking part in the events held by the forum. Positive attitude and a healthy competition were some of the key factors noticed in the participants during the conduction of the events.

This year was filled with enthusiasm and fun learning where most of us were happy to have learnt something new. Challenges kept arising and we were given the opportunity to prove ourselves when required. The commerce forum is happy to have made this year a fruitful year and is awaiting the next academic year to introduce new and efficient events which would further help contribute towards the growth of our fellow Josephites.