World AIDS Day

AICUF observed World AIDS Day on 1st December, 2018 and had planned the entire day to spread awareness among the students and people around college.

A rally was organized outside the college campus in which more than 100 students of our college took part. They shouted slogans and had posters and placards in their hands and reached out to various people. This created a major impact among the people. At the time of the rally, signatures were taken from the public to have safe sex, to spread awareness on AIDS, etc.

During the college break at 6:45 p.m., we had a short awareness program in the college campus in which a small skit was played which depicted the hardships faced by people affected with AIDS in our country. Our beloved Principal addressed the gathering.

This was indeed a great awareness program. We got to know how many people in the country knowingly or unknowingly are suffering from the disease called AIDS and we also became aware how to tackle this issue.