Orientation Program for 1st Year students

A new journey began on Monday, 4th June, 2018 with the Orientation Program for the 1st year students. It was held in Loyola Hall, SJEC. Mr. Prashanth Kumar, Head of the Student Council and HOD of the Department of Economics was the MC for the evening. The program started with a prayer, and the hymn "As the deer" was sung by our college choir. Mr. Prashanth then invited the dignitaries on to the podium to light the lamp. The lamp was lit by our Principal Dr. Albert Smith, our Vice Principal Dr. Priya, our Director Rev. Fr. Arun D'souza SJ, and two students from the 1st year.
Our Principal gave the welcome speech. He welcomed all the students with love, warmth, and good wishes. He also introduced the Vice Principal and the Director of the College.
Rev. Fr. Arun, the Director of SJEC welcomed all the new students. He had a very interactive session. He made the students aware of the purpose of joining Evening College. He highlighted the fact that St. Joseph’s Evening College caters to the needs of students from diverse backgrounds who are unable to attend day colleges because of various constraints. He stated that this college is very special to the Jesuits as each student has a painful story to tell. He admired their dedication to their education and stated that his dream for every student is that they leave the college with a smile.
The vote of thanks was given by our Vice Principal. She asked the students if they all have an ambition and goal. She assured those who did not that they would leave the college with an ambition and the determination and tools to be successful in whatever they choose. She then thanked the Principal, Director, staff, and students for all their hard work.
A video was shown to the 1st years making them aware of the background/history of the College, how it started, how many institutions we have, how the college functions and all the things they need to know about college.
Following this, Dr. Kanishka had a group activity in which he made teams and asked them to work together. The aim of this activity was to highlight the importance of team work in achieving our goals and to encourage the students to get to know each other.
The program ended with the students stepping into their new classrooms, thus beginning their journey at St. Joseph’s Evening College.